Marko Torkkeli, Professor (D.Sc. (Tech.)), Head of Unit
Marko serves as Professor of Technology and Business Innovations.
+358 (0)40 761 1223

Olli-Pekka Hilmola, Professor (D.Sc. (Econ.))
Olli-Pekka serves as Professor of Logistics.
+358 (0)40 761 4307

Sanna Tomperi, Planning Officer (M.Sc.)
Sanna serves in such capacities as project management, project preparation, stakeholder relations and general research unit assignments. Sanna works also at LUT Savo Unit (Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Bioenergy Technology).
+358 (0)40 825 5807

Justyna Dabrowska,Doctoral student (M.Sc. (Eng.))
Justyna is working on OI-Net and Accelerate project.
+358 50 4357 545

Ekaterina Albats, Doctoral student (M.Sc. (Eng.)),, +358 50 3718771

Ekaterina serves as researcher on OI-Net, C3PO and Accelerate projects.


LUT Kouvola

LUT University, Kouvola Unit

Prikaatintie 9

45100 Kouvola, Finland

Tel. +358 40 825 5807