The Kouvola Unit's main area of expertise is Industrial Management. The focus areas of research are the following: 

  • Technology and business innovations
  • Railway logistics

Technology and business innovations

The sensible use of information technology in providing support for business and the technology-based development of business offers both industrial and service organisations many opportunities for growth on the global market. The areas of expertise are: strategic entrepreneurship, technology management, promoting innovations and decision-making, and assessing the business potential of innovations.

Railway logistics

Kouvola's strong position as a centre of railway logistics offers enterprises opportunities for growth in Asia and Europe. The deregulation of railways in Europe will increase the importance of railway logistics and security.

Key areas are closely interrelated, constantly seeking synergies and new opportunities for co-operation. Our competitiveness is based on an extensive network of experts and a strong investment in the international market. We also work in close co-operation with other higher education actors on the Kasarminmäki campus in Kouvola. Our research areas are intermodal transports, logistics systems simulation, logistics services, supply chain management, and deregulation. 

Research serves the needs of regional enterprises by acting as a link with both university and international networks. Research is conducted in co-operation with other institutions of higher education and development organisations in the region.

The Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) Kouvola Unit is active in the development of Kymenlaakso and offers its own specialised expertise in regional development.

LUT Kouvola's mission is to support the competitiveness and business renewal of the Kymenlaakso region through the generation of new scientific knowledge.  

LUT Kouvola

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