Department of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry, known also as sustainable chemistry, aims to decrease amount of produced waste when manufacturing new products. It also aims to minimize use of energy and materials on different chemical and industrial processes.

In the Department of Green Chemistry the focus is on minimizing the hazard and maximizing the efficiency of any chemical choice. One approach is also to find new solutions to prevent and decrease environmental pollution.

Department is located to Mikkeli and Head of the Department is Professor Mika Sillanpää. Department´s main function is conduct research and development activities and provide teaching and supervision for graduate and postgraduate students. Department has specialized water analysis and water, wastewater and soil purification techniques in following research areas

Department of Green Chemistry

Head of the Department
Professor Mika Sillanpää
tel. +358 400 205 215

Street and postal address:
Sammonkatu 12 (Innovation centre for safety and material technology, TUMA)
50130 Mikkeli, Finland