Laboratory of Bioenergy

The research activity of the bioenergy research group emphasises the development of technology and business related to the bioenergy refining chain and bioenergy utilisation. 

The objective is to strengthen the current level of bioenergy know-how and the activity of companies in the field, and to promote the implementation of the energy strategy of Eastern Finland. Domestic and international cooperation in research with universities and other research institutes generates high-quality international and scientific bioenergy expertise in the Etelä-Savo region.

The bioenergy research group emphasises:

  • Fuel production, refining and transportation chains
  • Availability and supply logistics of fuels
  • Domestic and international biofuel trade
  • Bioenergy business models
  • Sustainable production of bioenergy

Long-term applied research and development promotes the creation of new bioenergy-related business activity. The target group consists especially of businesses involved in biofuel production, refining and machine and equipment manufacturing, businesses that produce and consume energy, designing agencies and consultancies as well as entrepreneurs planning to launch a business in the field.

The presentation poster of the laboratory

The director of bioenergy research group is Prof. Tapio Ranta.

Laboratory of Bioenergy

The director of the research group
Professor Tapio Ranta
tel. +358 40 864 4994

Street and postal address:
Lönnrotinkatu 7
50100 Mikkeli, Finland