Field and demonstration studies

The purpose of field and demonstration studies is to produce new information about biomass handling and transportation methods and to analyse changes in biomass quality within supply chains.

Field study results are also utilised as source data in other studies of the research group, such as logistics simulations, LCA-analyses and business modelling.


  • Forest fuel transportation via inland waterway network
  • Terminal handling and supply of stumpwood
  • Quality handling of small-diameter energy wood
  • Intermodal forest chip transportation with light-weight composite containers
  • Freezing tests for cargo equipment
  • Monitoring of loads with RFID technology
  • Utilisation of biocoal pellets

Contact person: 

Jarno Fö

Laboratory of Bioenergy

The director of the research group
Professor Tapio Ranta
tel. +358 40 864 4994

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