GIS-based research

GIS-studies (Geographical Information Systems) are used to analyze geographical information about biomass availability and logistics.

LUT Savo Sust. Technol. Bioenergy research group has specialized on biomass supply studies. Geography has a major role in the studies because of dissimilar features of biomass availability and transport network around demand points (e.g. power plants, biorefineries).


  • Logistics optimization between alternative transport modes and routes
  • Transport routing, optimization of supply and collection transports
  • Biomass availability vs. demand 
  •   - Cartographic presentations of biomass balance
  •   - ArcGIS and QuantumGIS software in use
  •   - Supply areas
  •   - Feedstock competition
  •   - Trafficability

Contact person:

Olli-Jussi Korpinen,

Laboratory of Bioenergy

The director of the research group
Professor Tapio Ranta
tel. +358 40 864 4994

Street and postal address:
Lönnrotinkatu 7
50100 Mikkeli, Finland