LCA= Life Cycle Assesment = Assessment of the environmental impacts of a product or a service during its lifecycle

Includes materials, energy, manufacturing processes, end use, recycling possibilities  etc.

Carbon footprint = LCA of only greenhouse gas emissions


  • Identifying the environmental effects of own actions
  • Concentrating on the things that matter the most, using resources cost-efficiently
  • Communication, striving the profile of an environmental and responsible actor
  • Preparing for future demands, gaining a competitive edge

LCA's can be made for:

  • single products and their use (e.g. a streetlight)
  • product systems or larger operational schemes (e.g. biofuel production and use or waste management schemes)

GaBi Professional software is in use.

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Raghu K C, 

Laboratory of Bioenergy

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Professor Tapio Ranta
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