Simulation methodology

Laboratory of Bioenergy uses simulations for biomass studies at logistics and forest growth simulations. Simulation make it possible to study complex situations including strong interactions between the elements that are too expensive or unpractical to study experimentally.

Agent-based simulation is simulation approach, which is mainly utilized in the logistics studies at laboratory of bioenergy. Forest growth simulation is used to estimate the forest biomass availability from alternative forest management regimes and predicting the future development of forest biomass resources. 


  • Holistic approach of the system between supply and demand 
  • Forest biomass from alternative harvesting methods
  • Imitation of real life logistic situations by using collected data
  • Internal logistics at power plant yards and terminal locations with 2D and 3D visualization

Contact person: 

Agent-based simulation: Mika Aalto,

Forest management simulation: Kalle Karttunen,

Laboratory of Bioenergy

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