The main research areas in thin film coatings currently are

  • Roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition (RRALD)

Roll-to-roll processes are essential for economic production of active flexible devices. We are carrying out world-leading research in the development of RRALD processing for polymer webs. This is directed towards electronic and diffusion barrier materials for flexible lighting, flexible and paper-based electronics and high performance packaging.

Projects: Roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition, NANOMEND

  • Photocatalytic materials by atomic layer deposition (ALD)

We aim to improving the efficiency of photocatalytic materials by controlling the crystal structure and modifying the bandgap by doping with various elements or by nanolaminate structures using ultra-thin layers of different compositions as a doping tool. We are also studying the combination of gas plasmas and photocatalytic materials for reducing environmental pollution.

Projects: PlasTEP

  • Atomic layer deposition on polymer substrates

We are studying methods of achieving high quality ceramic film deposition at near to room temperature. In particular, we are studying plasma activated deposition and its effect on the process and the characteristics of the deposited film. The effects of the surface coating as a protection layer for the polymer on the behaviour of the modified polymer in filtration processes are two particular areas.

Projects: Roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition, HYMEPRO

  • Large area deposition of nanoparticles

We are involved in a project to create "smart" wound dressings which will both indicate the presence of an infection and fight against it by using nanomaterials to turn the bacteria's own weapons against themselves. Our role is to develop efficient methods of attaching these nanomaterials to the surface of the wound dressing.

Projects: Bacteriosafe

  • Antimicrobial coatings

We are developing materials which have a controlled and tailored release of anti-microbial molecules from surfaces. This will enable biocidal activity to take place during specific time periods and at specific rates. These materials are deposited using atomic layer deposition.

Projects: Bacteriosafe


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