LVDC RULES - From Research to Industrial-Scale application


The technology readiness level (TRL) of LVDC has been steadily increasing, but the large scale commercial exploitation of LVDC is still in its infancy. So far new commercial solutions have emerged only for certain special use cases, such as for data and telecom centrals. In autumn 2015, a new three-year research project – LVDC RULES – was launched to take the final steps towards the industrial-scale application of LVDC also in public distribution networks.

The project aims to seeking the best ways to translate the accumulated research knowledge into commercially feasible solutions. The foundations of the LVDC RULES project were laid by the lessons learned during earlier research projects and especially through earlier pilot installations.


The main objective of the LVDC RULES project is to enable transferring of the LVDC technology from laboratories and research sites into everyday use in Nordic distribution companies.


The work is divided into four overlapping main themes, that are (1) Functionalities and technology solutions; (2) Impact on distribution networks and business; (3) Active resources and renewables; and (4) Standardisation, recommended practises and professional training. Main results will be the technology solutions and recommended practices verified through the realisation of the new pilot installation.

The work is conducted in collaboration by Lappeenranta University of Technology, Elenia Oy and Ensto Finland Oy. The project is financed by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Business Finland), Elenia Oy, Ensto Finland Oy and LUT.

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