Assistant professor Joel Mero won Outstanding Article 2019 award – his articles received almost 60 000 downloads

Assistant Professor Joel Mero from LUT School of Business and Management won Industrial Marketing Management's Outstanding Article 2019 award.

Joel Mero's article "The Use of Web Analytics for Digital Marketing Performance Measurement" (co-authored by Heikki Karjaluoto) got the 1st place, and Mero's article "Harnessing Marketing Automation for B2B Content Marketing" (co-authored by Heini Taiminen) got the 3rd place. The topic of the winning article was measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing in industrial companies using web analytics.

The best article was chosen by measuring the number of times the article is downloaded during the year. The winner article by Mero and Karjaluoto received impressive 35,529 downloads, and the third article by Mero and Taiminen received 22,575 downloads. Together those two articles received almost 60 000 downloads.

Mero acts as an Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing at LUT School of Business and Management. His expertise focuses on the use of new technologies, data-driven marketing and customer-oriented business logic.

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