Dissertation: Companies increasingly embracing open innovation

Firms across industries, different in size, age and resource allocation, are radically changing the way they innovate. Instead of developing new products and technologies on their own, they are increasingly embracing open innovation as a new way to create and capture value from different sources of knowledge that reside both within and beyond their organizational boundaries. This is evidenced by the increasing adoption of strategic open innovation units in firms and emerging number of job positions related to managing the open innovation activities 

The dissertation by Justyna Dąbrowska from LUT focuses on how companies organize for the open innovation. The findings show how companies strategically understand and adopt this phenomenon. Furthermore, they identify specific and formalized open innovation roles and responsibilities that individuals tend to adopt, and suggest organizational practices and mechanisms that can empower employees to facilitate open innovation within intra- and inter-firm boundaries. In addition, the findings reveal challenges in open innovation that are associated with cultural differences.This thesis provides actionable insights for practitioners who wish to master the open innovation pathway and capture its full potential.



Justyna Dąbrowska, Master of Science in Economy and Business Administration defended her doctoral dissertation at LUT on July 27th 2018 at noon, in the Auditorium room 2310. Her dissertation is titled Organizing for Open Innovation: Adding the Human Element. Associate Professor Tor Helge Aas, University of Agder, Norway acted as opponent. Professor Marko Torkkeli of LUT acted as custos.

Library information

The dissertation has been published in the Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis research series number 803 of the university. ISBN 978-952-335-247-6, ISBN 978-952-335-248-3 (PDF), ISSN 1456-4491. The electronic version can be found from LUTPub-database URN:ISBN:978-952-335-248-3. A printed version of the dissertation may be purchased from the Aalef bookstore, tel. +358 44 744 5511, or at kirjakauppa@aalef.fior online from the LUT Shop: https://lutshop.lut.fi/.