Future machine design reformed through business-university cooperation

The Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Mevea, one of the world's leading simulator companies, are reforming how machine production and design to solve bottlenecks in product development and service business of machines.

An area of particular interest is real-time machine fleet simulation. This is a virtual test environment, which enables the effective analysis of machine fleet movement and performance. This makes it possible to explore the most relevant interactions and interdependencies.

Another area of interest will be the development of tool sets and methodologies to promote community-based real-time simulation. Traditionally, product and service development decisions are made, for the most part, by the few experts tasked with directly addressing the development issues and questions. LUT and Mevea will make the development process accessible to the broader spectrum of stakeholders beginning with supply, encompassing all internal organisational functions, and ending with the consumer by introducing community-based, real-time tools that simulate real-world functionality.

The partners expect that the new tools will accelerate innovation processes, reduce development costs, and improve sustainability of product processes.

"Mevea has been an important partner for LUT for many years, and our goal is no less than to reshape the future of real time simulation and machine design", says Aki Mikkola, Professor of Virtual Design.

Applying modern numerical simulation techniques makes it possible to describe complex engineered systems, such as mobile machinery, with a high level of detail while still solving the equations of motion in real time. Real-time virtual simulation makes it possible to account for the machine operator and recognize the operator's needs early on in concept development.

Real-time simulation models can also be embedded in the control electronics of machine systems, which makes it possible to measure quantities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain. For example, component wear or system state could be monitored. Virtual real-time simulation closely represents real-world functionality, therefore it offers opportunities to test and develop important concepts that are otherwise difficult to handle, such as the internet of things (IoT) and the usage of smart materials.

"Mevea has cooperated closely with the Lappeenranta University of Technology since 2005. This announced cooperation will enable the research of real-time simulation on a scale not seen in our industry thus far", says Tero Eskola, Managing Director, Mevea Ltd.

Further information:

Aki Mikkola, Professor, aki.mikkola@lut.fi, tel. +358 40 7363095.

Tero Eskola, Managing Director, Mevea Ltd., tero.eskola@mevea.com, tel. +358 500 150003