International Marketing Management degree again among world's best

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) that assesses business and management education has for the second time rewarded Lappeenranta University of Technology's (LUT) Master's Degree in International Marketing Management the renowned EPAS accreditation. The accreditation signifies that LUT provides world-class education in international marketing.

LUT passed the EPAS accreditation now for the second time. The accreditation was first granted to LUT in 2012. The now granted accreditation will be valid for three years.

"Everyone at LUT School of Business and Management are happy to be a part of the EPAS family also in the future. We appreciate this international acknowledgement and the thorough accreditation process that has helped us greatly in achieving a high standard of teaching," says Professor Sami Saarenketo, Dean of LUT School of Business and Management.

The assessment group especially praised LUT's quick ability to respond to the trends of society, a stable research staff with strong academic accomplishments, integrated teaching with other fields than business and having ethics, responsibility and sustainability present on the levels of the university, the academic unit and degree programmes.

The European Foundation for Management Development's (EFMD) accreditation is an acknowledgement for outstanding business degrees. The foundation's purpose is to find the leading degrees of their field on a global scale.

"The accreditation helps us to distinguish ourselves in the international education market, build new partnerships and ensure that the education we provide meets the needs of different stakeholders," says Hanna Salojärvi, Academic Director of the MIMM Programme.

EFMD's assessment criteria requires a strong international aspect and excellent level of academic production, corporate cooperation and quality management from the degree programmes. The elimination takes places in several phases, and only approximately half of those accepted candidates receive the accreditation.

The accreditation process goes through the entire programme in detail from planning its implementation to assessing the outcomes. Typically, the process lasts 2–3 years, and applicants are eliminated in several different phases. The university carries out a critical self-evaluation after which an international evaluation team visits the university and interviews university personnel as well as students, alumni and corporate partners.

All of LUT's degree programmes in business and technology undergo an international evaluation. In the field of technology, LUT's Bachelor's and Master's programmes in energy technology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, industrial engineering and management, and environmental technology have obtained an international quality label. Technology and business programmes are both evaluated by different accreditation agencies.

Further information:

Dean Sami Saarenketo,, +358 40 571 6197

Academic Director of the MIMM Programme Hanna Salojärvi,, +358 40 136 7966