J. Hyneman Center to open in September


The J. Hyneman Center (JHC) for rapid prototyping will open on the Skinnarila campus in September. The official opening ceremony will take place on Saturday, 29 September 2018 in the Lappeenranta Hall.

The J. Hyneman Center is a space for students of Lappeenranta University of Technology and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences to meet, try out different solutions and build prototypes. The center aims to promote the generation of new ideas and innovations. The JHC is freely available for students on the campus to use. In addition to students' own projects, the center will arrange courses, workshops and various networking events.

Although the official opening will not take place before September, students will have access to the center already in the spring. An open 240 m2 workspace equipped with tables for student teams will take up most of the 330 m2 workshop. In addition, the center will include rooms for metal work, wood and composite work, electronics, welding and painting.

The university will acquire equipment depending on the needs of the users. The idea is for the prototyping centre to live and evolve along with its use. The equipment or supervisors will not be the main attraction, but the students themselves and their ideas and work.

The JHC will also engage companies and the City of Lappeenranta in collaborative projects. For instance, businesses will have a chance to propose different projects, which may result in job opportunities for students.

Hyneman in Lappeenranta for opening week

Product Developer Jamie Hyneman, a special effects expert from the TV series Mythbusters and LUT's honorary doctor since last spring, will be closely involved in the design and operation of the prototyping center. He will spend a week in Lappeenranta in September and attend the center's opening ceremony – an event targeted for the larger public.

Hyneman also intends to take on the role of a teacher: he plans to give a lecture for LUT's New Venture Management course. Moreover, Hyneman aims to take part in future projects remotely.

Hyneman has introduced the concept of stupid engineering, meaning that something new can be created by being a little crazy at times and trying out stupid ideas. Through his role in the JCH, Hyneman aspires to promote science and innovations.