LAB account and signing to Saimia Finna and Masto-Finna

                           LAB University of Applied Sciences start its operation on 1.1.2020. The user accounts of Saimaa UAS and Lahti UAS will cease.

After receiving your LAB user identifier you should log in to Finna as a LAB user and connect the current library card to your new account. After that you can renew your loans and make reservations, as well as save your information searches and favourites, for example. Access for e-materials also requires login. Please notice, if you have saved searches or favourites to your old account, they will not immigrate automatically to new LAB account.

If you want to keep your favourites and saved searches, you should transfer them yourself. To transfer your favourites to your e-mail, please:

  • Login to your Finna (Saimia Finna, Masto-Finna)
  • Click Favourites 
  • If necessary, increase the number of results per page (default: 20/page) 
  • Tick Select Page 
  • Click Email 
  • Enter your email address and send

More information: