LBM’s associate professor Laura Albareda awarded in Boston

Researcher Laura Albareda from LUT School of Business and Management was rewarded for excellent work.

Associate professor Laura Albareda was the winner of the 2019 Best Business Ethics Paper awarded by the Social Issues in Management Division at the Academy of Management 2019 Annual Meeting. Albareda´s article "Commons Paradigm: Embedding Common Good and Collective Action" handles the growing attention to business and the management of common resources in pursue of the common good.

Common good is the concept which means more ethical economic model where the wellbeing of people and environment are important goals sustaining Earth natural resources.

"Management of natural resources like water or forests is not only company´s business. It is increasingly considered the whole community's and stakeholder's issue", says Albareda.

Albareda's work is based on the Nobel Prize Economist E. Ostrom. Her article is based on the analysis of the ethical and economics foundation of common good and commons resources for businesses, supporting a model of commons entrepreneurship. The paper is written together with Albareda's colleague Alejo Josè Sison from the University of Navarra.

"I have been working with topics related to common goods and collective action in business for last five years. It feels good to get assurance that commons is a growing topic for business today. Business share natural and societal resources with stakeholders, and they could not be managed anymore as private resources. A main example are the oceans, climate change or clean water. Companies share the responsibility to co-manage natural resources understanding commons and collective action principles", Albareda says.

Laura Albareda and Alejo Sison were awarded in 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Boston in August 9-13. It is one of the most appreciated management conferences in the world.

The Academy of Management is the primary professional association for management and organization scholars. It was founded in 1936 and its global community consists nearly 20 000 scholars over 120 countries.

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