LUT alumni – responding to our graduate survey enables you to influence the development of university degrees

Are you happy with your career? What do you think about your degree now? We're collecting feedback to develop our activity.

Through the national Aarresaari career monitoring survey, we at LUT University are collecting feedback from our Master's graduates of 2014 and doctoral graduates of 2016. We're interested in how our alumni's careers have taken off and how they view the quality of their degrees after a few years in the working world.

LUT University's Vice Rector for Education Jaana Sandström underlines that each response to the career monitoring survey is highly valuable in the development of university degrees. In addition, the responses will impact government financing for universities as of 2021.

The responses will help current and future students as they weigh their career options.

"It is extremely important to know where our graduates find employment and how they advance in their careers. What are their duties and how much do they earn? In other words, we want to know the market value of our degrees", Sandström explains.

LUT University reacts to issues arising from the feedback. For example, the university has incorporated skills required in the modern professional world, such as evaluating, developing and describing one's own expertise, into degree programmes based on alumni feedback. The results of the career monitoring survey are also utilised in the development of LUT's career services.

"For instance, being able to describe your own expertise is a crucial factor in finding employment. LUT develops students' transferable skills throughout their studies", says Sandström.

LUT's degrees align with the needs of the working world

The most recent career monitoring survey in 2018 attracted 6730 responses nationally. The final report indicates that Master's level graduates had found employment successfully: 94 per cent had jobs. Also the doctoral graduates were employed in a range of fields, although the university was their most significant individual employer. A total of 95 per cent of doctoral graduates had jobs when they responded to the survey.

LUT University's alumni are generally satisfied with the education they received. LUT has a long history of following the career development of its graduates.

"Our strategic focus areas – clean energy and water, a circular economy, and sustainable business and entrepreneurship – still reflect the global need for information. Consequently, our research-based degree programmes are as topical as ever", Jaana Sandström says.

She reminds us that every survey response is valuable: "We need responses to maintain the competitiveness of our degree programmes and to produce high-level experts for the global labour market".

Dear Master's graduate of 2014 or doctoral graduate of 2016, we have sent you a career monitoring survey. Please respond by 30 November 2019 through the personal link in the letter or by filling out and sending the printed form in the postage-paid envelope.

The results of previous career monitoring surveys are available at töissä.fi.