LUT among top 20 universities challenging the global elite

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) is, according to a recent report, among the world's 20 most promising and rapidly-improving universities that will challenge the establishment.

The higher education consulting firm Firetail has in its report listed 20 universities around the world which could challenge the academic elite and become globally renowned by the year 2030.

What these "rising stars" have in common is their balance of long-term vision with short-term execution of strategy; clear view of the changing world and their role in it; robust plan to generate the resources, people and culture needed to be successful; and focus on impact.

"I clearly recognise LUT in this characterisation of agile challengers. We open-mindedly pioneer in new areas and operate both regionally and globally," states Rector Juha-Matti Saksa.

The list of challengers includes universities from, for instance, Australia, the US, South Korea, and Germany. The report identified a total of 346 potential rising universities, but only the ones that can sustain their development over the next 15 years will become globally influential.

The Firetail list was first reported on by the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking organisation. LUT's ranking on the global THE list is 501-600.

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