LUT Junior University wins an international award for promoting sustainability through partnerships

LUT University's concept for educational collaboration, LUT Junior University, wins the 2020 award for the best Partnership for progress. The award is given out by the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN).

LUT Junior University brings together all the university's activities for cooperation with other educational institutions at different levels. One of its concrete initiatives is the Lappeenranta Junior University, a unique learning and teaching concept, built together with the City of Lappeenranta. In its application for the ISCN award, LUT highlighted this concept as an example of well-functioning cooperation.

Junior University is part of the curriculum at all schools in Lappeenranta, and it engages the entire age group in the chosen grades.

The educational contents are planned and implemented in close cooperation with teachers at the schools and the experts of LUT University. The themes are based on LUT's focus areas: clean water and energy, the circular economy, sustainable business and entrepreneurship. The intended learning outcomes within the themes are matched with the respective goals in the curricula.

The long-term goal of the Lappeenranta Junior University is to raise interest towards science, technology, business and research among children and young people. Another goal is to strengthen the students' knowledge, skills and attitudes to science and research-based studies within the context of sustainability.

"The students get to explore and experience natural sciences, technology, mathematics, business and sustainability themes in an inspiring way. Once the youth is engaged in sustainability themes, they also bring eco-friendly thinking to their families," says Kati Koikkalainen, Coordinator for LUT Junior University.

Koikkalainen points out that the global ISCN network aims to promote sustainability awareness and to spread related best practices ¬̶  not only among universities, but in the society at large.

"The Partnership for Progress was awarded to us due to the high impact of our LUT-Lappeenranta cooperation. Our partnership is seen to promote environmentally friendly behavior in the citizens of Lappeenranta," Koikkalainen concludes.

"The City of Lappeenranta wants to thank LUT University for its commitment to making such an extensive educational concept available to our students. With this partnership, we can offer them a unique opportunity to be part of the science community throughout their basic education," says Mari Routti, Head of Education Services, City of Lappeenranta.

Further information:

Kati Koikkalainen, Coordinator, LUT Junior University, tel. +358 40 584 2793
Mari Routti, Head of Education Services, City of Lappeenranta,, tel. +358 40 8372646
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