LUT responds to shortage of business analytics experts with a new degree programme

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) will launch the Master's Programme in Business Analytics in autumn 2017 in response to the great shortage of business analytics experts.

The Master´s Programme in Business Analytics merges studies in industrial management, corporate finance, software engineering and applied mathematics. Some of the programme's courses will be organised in cooperation with businesses, which will guarantee the relevance of the programme with regard to real-world business. The examples used during the course, the problems students will solve as well as the genuine business data used as material will also be provided by business and industry.

"Expertise in business analytics already plays a decisive role in the success of businesses and will do so especially in the future. The degree programme will be particularly interesting due to LUT's ability to operate across the boundaries of different fields of science and as a result provide a complete degree programme, the production of which requires extensive expertise," says Mikael Collan, the professor responsible for the Master's programme.

In addition to business data analytics and machine learning methods, the programme teaches modelling and simulation, optimisation methods and multiple-criteria decision-making methods. Teaching and exercises will be carried out in industry, utilising commonly used software, and the focus will be on independent work and ensuring hands-on skills in addition to theoretical knowledge.

"The programme will be realised in cooperation with LUT's corporate partners. This will guarantee access to genuine data and relevant problems. Our goal is to educate world-class business analytics experts who will have no trouble finding jobs that correspond with their education both in Finland and abroad," Professor Collan underlines.

The programme will prepare students for a career in business analytics as well as in positions related to the development of analytics-based business, as experts in production and service companies, or as consultants. As a result of practical business analytics skills taught during the programme, private entrepreneurship based on one's own expertise is also a realistic alternative.

Professor Collan emphasises that there is already a great demand for business analytics experts, which will continue to grow in the future.

"In 2018, a shortage of 1.5 million business analytics experts is anticipated in the United States alone. The same trend is evident in Europe and in Finland."

The degree programme has been designed for full-time students, and twenty will be admitted in the first year through a direct external application process. The first students will begin their studies in the programme in autumn 2017, and application period for the Master's programme will begin on 1 December 2016.

More information

Mikael Collan, Professor,, +358 50 556 7185

The programme's home page: Master's Programme in Business Analytics