LUT to digitally protect its degree certificates

As the first university in Finland, Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) will apply digital verification to its degree certificates from the beginning of 2018 with the PassTrace authentication solution.

The certificate will contain the university's digital signature as a two-dimensional bar code which uses digital encryption. The authenticity of the certificate is verified by taking a photo of the bar code and uploading it to the online service.

"LUT is a pioneer in international Master's programmes and education export. The competition on the international education market is fierce and the value of a brand high. The reliability of degree certificates is part of an internationally strong brand. We want companies around the world to be able to trust in applicants with our degree certificate and their expertise," says Janne Hokkanen, LUT's Director of Student Services.

The digital authentication enables anyone to verify the authenticity of the degree anywhere in the world at any time.

"The best way to protect yourself against forgeries is to make the verification of authenticity so easy that it can always be done. Digital authentication enables verification within seconds," explains Lauri Lehtovaara, the developer of the authentication solution from Prime Authentication Solutions Finland.

The system pays special attention to data protection. Personal data is isolated from the degree data and saved only in the degree certificate's digital authentication signature. The anonymous and encrypted degree data in the online authentication service is useless without the encryption key in the digital signature and personal data.

The authentication is also used in vocational education export. Gradia, the vocational education consortium in Jyväskylä, protects the certificates it awards to e.g. Quatar and China with PassTrace.

Additional information:

Janne Hokkanen, Director, LUT Student Services,, +358 40 900 3617

Lauri Lehtovaara, CEO, Prime Authentication Solutions Finland,, +358 45 600 5991