LUT University to partner in international competence centre in mining

LUT University has been invited to partner in an international competence centre in mining headed by the Saint-Petersburg Mining University. The centre operates under the auspices of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO category 2 institutes/centres).

LUT was, as the only university in Finland, invited to be a so-called flagship university. LUT is considered to complement the expertise of the international network in, for instance, separation technology, waste management and circular economy expertise involving mineral resources.

The cooperation agreement was signed with the Saint-Petersburg Mining University in connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin's official visit to Helsinki on 21 August 2019. The agreement will remain in force for five years.

"The competence centre expands the research network in the area of responsible utilisation of mineral-based natural resources. In addition to bilateral agreements, we can, for example, establish trilateral degree programmes with other partners in the centre," elaborates Jari Hämäläinen, Vice Rector, LUT.

Hämäläinen goes on to say that alongside Master's and doctoral education, the partnership in the competence centre entails research collaboration and the arrangement of scientific conferences and other events where experts convene.

"The centre awards funding to flagship universities in accordance with its annual action plan. In other words, we will receive direct funding in addition to the connections the network offers."

More information:

Jari Hämäläinen, Vice Rector (Research), LUT University, tel. +358 40 596 1999,