Performance management in digital transformation: A sustainability performance approach

Mina Nasiri's dissertation provides new insights for managers and practitioners regarding approaches to digital transformation with the aim of achieving sustainability performance.

In recent years, the significant potential and ubiquitous use of digital technologies has motivated firms to achieve sustainable competitive advantages and enhance their ability to fully exploit the benefits of digital transformation. However, the complexity and incomplete understanding of the approaches to digital transformation can be barriers to firms' success, rendering it impossible to tackle challenges in digital transformation without functional, operational, and strategic initiatives.

Mina Nasiri, Master of Science in Technology, will defend her doctoral dissertation in the field of Industrial engineering and management on 5th February 2021 at noon. Her dissertation is titled Performance management in digital transformationA sustainability performance approach.

"It is not clear which technologies, strategies, and capabilities are required in digital transformation to achieve sustainability performance", Nasiri says.

The dissertation contributes to the knowledge about the approaches to managing sustainability performance in digital transformation. First, in addition to determining the drivers of digital transformation, the dissertation enhances understanding of the required smart technologies, digital business strategies, and digital-related capabilities for managing performance in digital transformation. Second, it investigates the necessity of strategic approaches in digital transformation to achieve sustainability performance.

"Third, it clarifies the roles of both corporate sustainability strategies and performance measurement systems in facilitating the achievement of sustainability performance in digital transformation", Nasiri explains.

The results of Nasiri´s dissertation have been achieved through four publications, for which the data was gathered through survey questionnaires from small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland.

"Smart technologies, digital business strategies, and digital-related capabilities are necessary to achieve digital transformation. Including a corporate sustainability strategy and performance measurement systems in tandem with those drivers creates sustainability performance in digital transformation".

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