Pioneer of innovation studies Henry Chesbrough visits LUT

Professor Henry Chesbrough, a pioneer of innovation studies and creator of the Open Innovation research trend, will visit Lappeenranta University of Technology on May 30, 2013 and give the keynote speech in the Open Innovation seminar held at that time.

Chesbrough has been appointed visiting honorary professor of the LUT School of Industrial Engineering and Management. He is the head of the Open Innovation program of Berkeley's Haas Business School at the University of California.

Chesbrough is known as the creator of the concept of Open Innovation. He introduced the concept for the first time in 2003 in his book "Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology ". This book on the basics of open innovation revolutionized the way businesses view innovation. His most recent publication deals with open service innovations.

Chesbrough – keynote speaker at the Open Innovation seminar

Chesbrough is the keynote speaker in the Lappeenranta Open Innovation seminar. In his speech he will describe how previously unused ideas can be effectively put into use, what a successful open innovation strategy is based on and how the future of open innovation looks like.

The seminar is designed specifically for companies that are interested in open innovation practices and wish to upgrade their innovation activities, as well as public innovation policy makers interested in the innovation studies.

Open innovation encourages companies actively to take advantage of external parties, such as customers, suppliers, universities, and even competitors as sources of information and development partners in their innovation process, and on the other hand, with regard to their products and services, to bring their innovations to market via external channels, for instance, through license agreements.

Open innovation has shown to companies and researchers that instead of safeguarding and secrecy, competitiveness can be based on sharing of R&D information and transparency.

LUT is especially known for the research on open innovation in Russia

At LUT, open innovation has been studied since 2004 under Professor Marko Torkkeli.

"Research at the LUT School of Industrial Engineering and Management has always been founded on businesses' real needs and on future challenges. Since open innovation helps companies to maintain their advantages in the tightening global innovation competition, it was quickly identified in LUT as a key study as well as an answer to the challenges faced by the Finnish industry", says Torkkeli.

LUT researchers have published dozens of scientific articles on this research theme and ten dissertations have been completed on related topics. LUT is especially known for their research on open innovation in Russia.

The day after the seminar Chesbrough will meet doctoral students working on their doctoral dissertation on open innovation and comment on their research.

Additional information:

Professor Marko Torkkeli,, 040 761 1223