Several LBM´s researchers awarded recently for their excellent work

Several researchers from LUT School of Business and Management have been awarded for their excellent work recently.

Anisur Rahman Faroque (left) after his award in Vaasa.

Junior researcher Anisur Rahman Faroque (above on the left) received the Best Paper Award from his article "Initial and post-entry internationalization: The role of cognitive heuristics and biases". The award was sponsored by European Journal of International Management and was handed over him in the 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business at the University of Vaasa in August.

In this research Faroque and his co-authors Olli Kuivalainen and Sanna Sundqvist have investigated how the cognitive heuristics and biases, which are the mental short-cuts in decision making, impact initial and post-entry internationalization decision making in early internationalizing firms.

In their research, they show that the heuristics and biases that managers use in the initial or pre-entry internationalization are significantly different from those that they use in the subsequent internationalization.

"This award is more special to me because it was the second conference award for me. That´s way it is a very good moral boost for me. I think it will act as a catalyst for my future research. I am enormously thankful to LUT for offering me such a wonderful research ambience here", Faroque says.

Junior researcher Sina Mortazavi received the Most Outstanding Paper Award from his article "Mapping inclusive innovation – A bibliometric study and research agenda". The topic of Mortazavi's article is on inclusive innovation. Inclusive innovation means a type of innovation that aims to offer inclusion and social employment in developing countries.

In his article Mortazavi revives the past research to understand how the term inclusive innovation was formed and how researchers in the future can extend this notion further.

"It was an honor and pleasure to receive this award at the 4th EABEW conference. This award showed me that I am doing my research in the right path and increased my ambition to continue to grow my research skills", Mortazavi says.

His article was presented in 4th Annual Eastern Africa Business and Economic Watch (4th EABEW). It is an international conference that was held in the University of Rwanda in June 2019.

Junior researcher Satu Korhonen received the Best Paper Award at the International Doctoral Tutorial in conjunction with the 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business in August.

Korhonen's doctoral study explores the experiences of becoming and being a founder of an early and rapidly internationalized new venture.

"In particular I look at their sense-making and identity work in relation to these experiences", says Korhonen.

The working title of her dissertation is "The 'I' in international entrepreneurship: a narrative inquiry".

"I am grateful for such recognition a narrative study was given in this rather quantitative oriented research field. The joy of receiving this award gives me the extra motivational spark to complete my thesis during this academic year", Korhonen says.

Postdoctoral researcher Anna Vuorio received the Outstanding Paper Award in the 2019 Emerald Literati Awards. The title of her article is "Drives of entrepreneurial intensions in sustainable entrepreneurship" and it is published in International Journal of Entrepreneurship Behavior and Research.

The paper is part of Vuorio's PhD thesis on entrepreneurial opportunities and intentions in sustainable entrepreneurship. It was written together with Kaisu Puumalainen and Katharina Fellnhofer.

"I felt proud that the hard work that I put into the paper was recognized. It is among the first papers that I got accepted and it was published in a special issue, which had some of the top scholars as editors in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship", Vuorio says.