System Earth, solving vicious problems and LUT University

We at LUT University have recently revised our strategic path for the coming years. No drastic changes were called for, as our trailblazing work in saving our planet is still needed – perhaps now more than ever.

Humankind is facing challenges that are both vicious and far-reaching. Our strength lies in systemic understanding – addressing individual challenges as a part of an overall system. We are determined to deepen our collaboration with our partners, companies and scientific networks, and to address challenges with an interdisciplinary approach. Supporting systemic change requires bringing the best forces together.

Juha-Matti Saksa

Our experts in energy seek ways to support the transition to a carbon-neutral world, in all sectors of society and industry. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure clean air and positive climate impacts. Others see carbon dioxide as a problem or waste, we see it as an opportunity to produce valuable materials, such as synthetic transport fuels.

Our expertise in water purification meets complex water treatment needs. While ensuring clean water, we also discover raw materials from sidestreams, and help refine them into value. To maximize our impact, we will make sure that a strong link to business research and renewal always exists. With our help, companies can reinvent themselves to grow sustainably and create value in a digital economy.

Revising our strategy was a joint effort in our community. We have identified an inspiring opportunity to be at the very heart of a great change, helping society and businesses to renew themselves. We will continue to save the world together with our partners – one research project and graduate at a time.

Science with a purpose is our mission – a mission that gives our work meaning each and every day.


Juhis Saksa, rector, 040 016 6659, @JuhisSaksa