Public examination: Khadijeh Nekoueian 16.8.

Khadijeh Nekoueian, Master of Science in Technology, will defend her doctoral dissertation in the field of green chemistry on the 16th of August, 2019, at noon, at Mikkeli University Consortium (MUC) auditorium. Her dissertation is titled Modification of carbon-based electrodes using metal nanostructures: Application to voltammetric determination of some pharmaceutical and biological compounds. Professor Sara Dale, University of Bath, United Kingdom, will act as opponent. Professor Mika Sillanpää of LUT will act as custos.

Library information

The dissertation has been published in the Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis research series number 862. ISBN 978-952-335-394-7, ISBN 978-952-335-395-4 (PDF), ISSN-L 1456-4491, ISSN 1456-4491. The electronic version can be found from LUTPub-database (link TBC). A printed version of the dissertation may be purchased from the Aalef bookstore, tel. +358 44 744 5511, or at or online from the LUT Shop: