Global and Local Digital Platform Strategies -online event 22.4.

Globally run digital platforms have great local impacts as companies of various sizes seek to utilize these platforms in their daily businesses. Various questions emerge on the use of these platforms, such as what are the benefits and possibilities these platforms offer, how to form successful business strategies around platforms and also what kinds of risks may surface regarding the use of platforms? We seek to shed light to these questions in our event on digital platform strategies, which combines experts from both industry and academia.


  • Digital Platform Strategies - Ola Henfridsson / Professor of Business Technology / University of Miami
  • Autonomous vehicle platform strategies - Erkka Niemi / CTO / Unikie
  • Software platform and ecosystem on wood harvesting operations - Perttu Aunola / General Manager / Trimble Forestry Europe


The event is free of charge and the last day to register is 20.4.2021. Welcome!


The event is organized by LUT University and Aalto University as part of the SASSE-project ( that is funded by the Academy of Finland.