The programme that appears on this webpage is the final version prior to the conference and could be subject to minor changes at the time of the conference.

Track schedules:

1. Aesthetics of Designed Participation
2. Design Anthropology and Social Innovation
3. Social Shaping of Innovation in Organisations
4. Participatory Business Design
5. Innovation Policy and Local Participation

Conference venue: Fellmannia, Kirkkokatu 27, 15140 Lahti, Finland (

  Day 1: 18 June 2013 Day 2: 19 June 2013 Day 3: 20 June 2013
09:15 Registration begins; coffee Coffee Coffee
09:30   Keynote (Prof. Giovanni Schiuma):
Arts as a Driver for Management Innovations
Track sessions
10:00 Welcome    

Keynote (Prof. Elena Antonacopoulou)
Practising Innovating for Impact: Making the Case for Strategic Organisational Learning

Track sessions  
11:00 Track sessions    
12:00     Keynote (Prof. Ariane Berthoin Antal)
Artistic interventions: Seeing more and doing better
12:30   Lunch  
12:45 Lunch   Conference wrap up and lunch to go
13:30   Innovation session  
13:45 Track sessions   Close of conference
15:30 Afternoon coffee Afternoon coffee  
15:50 Track sessions Innovation session wrap up  
17:00   Day wrap up  
17:30 Day wrap up Close of day  
18:00 Reception of City of Lahti*    
18:30   Bus departure from the hotels  
19:00   Conference dinner (venue: Sibelius Hall)    
19:30 Close of reception    
21:15   Bus departure to the hotels  

* Light buffet dinner hosted by City of Lahti for all participants, also opening of the Art Meets Science exhibition.

Pre-conference workshop on applied theatre in innovation on 16-17 June 2013.

For artists, actors, small theatre ensembles and researchers who have worked with theatre and related art forms in supporting innovation and change processes in organisations.

The aim of the workshop is to exchange experience on various formats of theatre support for change processes, and to prepare the theatre programme at the conference. The group will explore what emerges when applied theatre and innovation research are combined.

Conference chairs

Prof. Helinä Melkas

Prof. Jacob Buur


Many thanks to all the participants for your contribution to PIN-C 2013!