Are we going to burn up everything?

No. Renewable solutions will play a key role in energy production in the future. Emission-free energy systems are already possible. Pioneering companies and countries increasingly pursue renewable energy systems. Finnish expertise can help to solve issues such as fluctuation in renewable energy production. Meanwhile, Finland imports 8 million euros worth of energy annually. Replacing the import with domestic, non-fossil energy may improve the current account, supply security, and environment, and generate new business and jobs.

We are in the process of developing solutions for the entire energy chain – from fuels and resources to energy consumption. We create technologies and solutions which enable carbon dioxide recirculation in flexible energy systems and contribute to a carbon-free future. We have methods to analyse market forces and energy policies, which is necessary for global economic growth based on renewable energy. 

One of the most critical challenges in the energy sector is solving the irregular availability of wind and solar power. We provide solutions for energy conversion and storage, which enable the operational and economic flexibility needed in the energy systems

Personal carbon trading rewards smart choices with virtual euros

LUT has conducted a study in Lahti, Finland, on how to allocate emission allowances for fair personal carbon trading. Shares based on equal-per-capita distribution are not a viable option. ...

Solar energy can cover the majority of all energy demand by 2050

Solar energy has the potential to play a central role in the future global energy system. Installed solar photovoltaic capacity is growing rapidly, and it is expected to reach 30-70 terawatt...