Is humanity condemned to suffer from the water it has polluted?

No. Access to water has become one of the key questions humankind must solve by the year 2050. The challenge is to have enough water in the future to go around for people, agriculture and industry and to avoid conflicts related to a lack of clean water. Therefore, technology and processes to utilise water resources and purify polluted water for reuse are a business opportunity which humanity cannot afford to pass up.

Introducing new sewage treatment solutions and purification processes to markets requires funding for sufficiently extensive pilot tests and equipment to secure the confidence of municipalities in water purification.

Separation and purification technologies are key in addressing problems involving the lack, reuse, cleanness and safety of water. Our solutions focus especially on the purification of chemical, forest, and mining industry sewage circulations. We are also developing solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We are building sustainable solutions for raw water, sewage and industrial water circulations. 

Our research will help to increase the efficiency of sewage treatment and water reclamation. Our solutions reduce water consumption and improve fresh water production and sewage treatment without spoiling water systems.

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