Will waste be the grave of our future?

No. The prevailing "take, make and dispose" model of the global economic system has come to the end of its road. Nature's own resources are used up earlier and earlier each year, and the Earth runs up an ecological debt the rest of the year. It is time to adopt an economy where materials and value circulate. Merely in Finland, the circular economy has an annual business potential of 2.5 billion euros. In all of Europe, it may create up to half a million jobs. This requires new business models and the reformulation of value chains.

The prices of diminishing natural resources are skyrocketing, and waste problems are forcing the adoption of a system where products and processes are designed in a way that minimises waste. Ambitious recycling goals, different incentives and the dismantling of legislative obstacles accelerate the circular economy. Production with recycled raw materials must be made relatively less costly and regulated lightly.

We enable the development of new technologies and business. We develop expertise and technologies that promote the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources and the recycling of material and secondary flows. We create solutions for the recovery and reuse of bio-based materials and precious metals from natural resources and waste. Our solutions thus have a significant impact on production and well-being from the perspectives of both the environment and the economy.