DIGI-USER - Smart Services for Digitalisation

The DIGI-USER research platform was active from 2015 to 2020. See current platforms »

Digital infrastructures provide a wealth of data as well as opportunities for developing new services and optimising the related processes.

The active role of users in digital service development and management is at the core of our work in the LUT Research Platform on Smart Services for Digitalisation.

Our user-centric approach to systemic issues combines the macro-, meso- and micro-levels. We aim to reveal problems, needs, barriers and solutions through research, and help companies (especially SMEs) to co-create digital services with users for various fields, such as energy systems and everyday living. 

The means to do this are, for instance, user-driven "real-life laboratories", Living Labs, and data analytics. We bring users and SMEs together so that SMEs can fully take advantage of digitalisation and increase their competitiveness.

Research team

  • Smart energy systems
    Leader: Samuli Honkapuro
    School of Energy Systems
  • Smart services for everyday living contexts
    Leader: Helinä Melkas
    School of Engineering Science
  • Engineering of human-centric digital platforms and services
    Leader: Kari Smolander
    School of Engineering Science
  • Data analytics of high-dimensional and volatile data
    Leader: Lasse Lensu
    School of Engineering Science


  • Finland: Aalto University, University of Helsinki, VTT, SYKE…
  • Internationally: University of Cambridge, Delft University of Technology, Aalborg University, University of Québec...

Contact Us

Helinä Melkas
Professor of Service Innovations
Director of DIGI-USER platform

+358 40 588 1400
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