SIM platform – Sustainable product processes through simulation

The SIM research platform was active from 2015 to 2020. See current platforms »

  • Takes simulator-driven design and manufacturing methodologies to the next level.
  • Enables community-based real-time simulation for energy efficient solutions.
  • Gives visibility and accessibility to multiple actors throughout the product and production system life cycle.
  • Extends the simulator aided design from a single machine to entire production systems
  • Represents real-world functionality. Offers development and test opportunities for the internet of things (IoT) and the use of smart materials, for example.
  • Results in a more rapid innovation process, reduced development costs, and improved product and production process sustainability.
  • Serves as a tool to analyze the business potentials of the forthcoming solutions.
  • Creates new ways to increase customer value.

Simulation for real-world performance

Our vision is to take simulator-driven design and manufacturing to the next level by introducing community-based real-time simulation tools that represent real-world functionality.

These tools will provide visibility and accessibility to multiple stakeholders in every part of the product lifecycle, thus enhancing potentials for new business models and driving increased competitiveness.

New possibilities for businesses

A critical objective of this LUT research platform is to develop the necessary techniques and tools for our vision to be realized. SIM platform research will focus on real-time physical system simulation; simulator, virtual reality and HMI technologies; product life-cycle management via internet of things; and sustainable customer value through IoT and digitalization.

The novel IoT based digital environments coming out of this work will create new possibilities to increase customer value and offer numerous business opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Science that breaks disciplines' boundaries 

The SIM platform will gather researchers with the necessary expertise to develop a robust toolset for simulator-driven design and manufacturing from all LUT Schools. Continual interaction among disciplines will be a key success factor. LUT researchers dedicated to ongoing SIM Platform projects will collaborate with researchers from outside the university and a number of commercial enterprises.

Trailblazers. Science with a purpose.

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Aki Mikkola
Professor of Virtual Design
Director of SIM platform

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