Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)

A Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) – an evaluation of the research at our university – was conducted at Lappeenranta University of Technology during the years 2011-2012. RAE is a development-oriented evaluation in which LUT research was assessed in relation to the international level and practices of each field of science. The aim was to analyse the quality profile of the university by identifying the existing strengths and potential. RAE is very important with regard to the future of LUT research.

The development-oriented evaluation looks to the future. The aim is to generate proposals and recommendations to promote the quality and impact of research and to support quality awareness in the university units.

RAE compared LUT's level to the international level and practices in each of the fields of science and examined the assessment methods and their applicability to different fields.  During the process, the units had an opportunity to be heard in the definition of new goals and practices.

The key stages of the assessment were the definition of the research-active staff and the collection of their identification data, publication data and other information regarding scientific activities, the self-assessment of the units, the bibliometric analysis of LUT publications and the site visit of international panellists from outside of LUT.

The final reports of the LUT Research Assessment Exercise were finished in April 2012.

Final reports: