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Radial Compressor Test Station

In compressor design, it is important that the intended performance of the compressor is measured accurately. The Fluid Dynamics Laboratory has built a turbo compressor test station to international standards (ISO 5389, ASME Compressor Power Code 10, VDI 2045).

With the measurement apparatus in the diagram on the right, it is possible to measure high-speed compressors accurately up to a pressure ratio of four.


The station is capable of measuring turbo-compressors up to 500 kW in electrical power. The compressor flow can be adjusted with valves at both sides (A and B). This way, the station can also measure low pressure compressors.

The measurement results are collated in a programme developed by the laboratory so that the user can follow the most important indicators on-screen in real time. The programme also actively monitors key indicators and accepts measurement point temperatures and pressures when they meet stabilisation requirements with sufficient accuracy.

The measurement facility at the High Speed Tech Oy factory is constructed in a similar way, and the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory maintains the measurement software for both stations. This way, the experiences and results at both measurement facilities can be effectively utilised.


The Fluid Dynamics Laboratory has also conducted plenty of detailed research into flow behaviour inside compressors.