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Fluid Machines

Machines for rotation-based mass transfer and weight lifting are used by our society in many ways. For this reason, the scale of research into fluid machines at LUT is broad.


Turbines convert pressure into a high rate energy flow and rotational movement. The first turbines designed at LUT were ORC power plant steam turbines operating using different refrigerants.

Contact person
Academic researcher Teemu Turunen-Saaresti, tel. +358 50 539 5733,

In connection with inverse gas turbines, LUT has designed air turbines that are currently being planned for small-sized and micro gas turbines and machine turbo compressors.

Contact person
Post Doctoral Researcher Aki Grönman, tel. +358 40 776 7999,

Finland does not have a manufacturer of steam turbines for use in power plants, but we have worked in close cooperation with Fortum at their power plant in Loviisa, analysing the operations of the steam turbine there and developing monitoring methods.

Contact person
Associate Professor Pekka Punnonen, tel. +358 40 841 6877,


The first centrifugal compressor designs were made without the benefit of pneumatic mass transfer for compression, but in the mid-'90s, Sulzer Pump Solutions Finland launched a low pressure compressor for aerating waste water on the market.

Ten years later we were involved in supporting the development of CompAir's Ultima high pressure compressor. In addition, research is currently being conducted in machine turbo compressors.

Contact person
Post Doctoral Researcher Ahti Jaatinen, tel. +358 40 354 0527,

We have also conducted several research projects on the development of refrigerant compressors. Our cooperation partners in the research were the Brazilian company Embraco and the French company Liebherr.

Contact person
Post Doctoral Researcher Pekka Röyttä, tel. +358 400 211 694,


In cooperation with Wärtsilä and VTT, two test centrifugal fans for anode gas recycling in solid oxide fuel cells have been developed at LUT.

Contact person
Post Doctoral Researcher Ahti Jaatinen, tel. +358 40 354 0527,


In an ORC power plant, the turbo-generator shaft also functions as a fluid feed pump, which has been designed in both normal centrifugal and Barske pump forms. In our research into pumps, we have also developed high pressure Pitot tube pumps.

Students can explore the functions of the pumps in the LUT Energy Pump Laboratory when equipment is not being used for pump adjustment during research.

Contact person
Post Doctoral Researcher Petri Sallinen, tel. +358 40 545 0473,

Fluid Machine Process Calculation

All fluid machines are part of larger processes, and their design is based on process calculations that must be as realistic as possible.

We have made hundreds of different process calculation models over the last 30 years, and we usually start new research projects afresh from top to bottom.

Contact person
Researcher Juha Honkatukia, tel. +358 40 524 6598,