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Laminar Wind Tunnel

The Laminar Wind tunnel is used both for education and research purposes at the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. It is equipped with a multi-channel manometer, vertical multi-pressure probe, NACA air foil with internal pressure piping on both surfaces, and a smoke generator.


The most important characteristics

Test station size: 25 x 40 cm
Flow velocity: 10-25 m/s
36-90 km/h
Contraction ratio: 16:1
Flow stability honey comb + 5 screens
Turbulence intensity clearly below 1%

See video, 1m51s, rmvb; 5,9 MB


Example uses


Laboratory work and demonstrations

  • Wing lift force generated
  • Wing profile drag and lift force measurement
  • Degree of turbulence and boundary layer thickness
  • Boundary layer measurements


Project and research work

  • Pitot tubes, hot-wire sensors , calibration of measuring equipment, etc.
  • Flow visualization using a scale model
  • Pressure distribution measurement
  • Diffuser flow modelling

tuulitunneli1 tuulitunneli2 pitotputkia