LUT Voima

LUT Voima is a problem solver; a driven, customer-oriented, quality partner in research and prototype construction. The unit designs and manufactures equipment that proves the accuracy of theoretical research results with practical tests.

The unit's activities are based on swift, flexible and reliable prototype production and overall solutions that are realised from idea to final product.

LUT Voima's activities are in the fields of chemical engineering, energy engineering or mechanical engineering or the middle ground between these fields. The unit provides services which include electronics, manufacture and design of equipment, calibration of measuring instruments, as well as repair and maintenance of research equipment.

The unit also promotes cooperation between students, inventors and businesses. LUT Voima's facilities can be used for the manufacture of pieces and equipment designed by researchers, students and its other customers. LUT Voima supplies students with knowhow and practical skills and acts as a springboard to the professional world.

LUT Voima is a product development facilitator, a prototype workshop, a support framework for research and a helping hand.


Electronics and electricity

  • Electronics design
  • Electronic devices: prototypes and small series
  • Electrification, installation, instrumentation, control systems, simulation and programming

Manufacturing of prototypes

  • Field of speciality: Research equipment and prototypes, manufacturing of prototype parts
  • Design work: draft sketch to manufacturing drawings
  • Machining of parts, sheet metal work, welding, laser welding, laser cutting
  • Assembly, installation and testing

Measurement, testing and calibration services

  • Measurements related to electronics and electricity
  • We provide calibration of pressure, temperature and humidity sensors to the university's research cooperation partners
  • Electrical quantities also include voltage, current, capacitance and resistance


LUT Voima
Manager Markku Niemelä
p. +358 40 516 5964