Sustainability Change - Focus on Sustainable Societal Transition

Sustainability change research group aims at improving systemic and sustainable societal transition within the limits of Earth.

The core idea in systemic change, together with renewing existing institutions, is to simultaneously promote the break through of new environmental innovations as well as empowering agency.

The group's research approach is a truly inter- and trans-disciplinary combination of natural sciences, engineering, economics and social sciences.

The central research objectives include climate change mitigation, sustainable nutrient economy, production and business models of energy efficiency and renewable energy, consumer roles in sustainable transition, co-creation of added value, bottom-of-the-pyramid business, impact of ecosystem services in business, carbon markets, different methods of developing corporate responsibility.

Further information

Professor Lassi Linnanen
tel. 050 550 3305

Contact information

LUT School of Energy Systems
P.O. Box 20
FI-53851 Lappeenranta, Finland

Tel. +358 294 462 111

Head of the school Jarmo Partanen
Vice-Head of the school Juha Varis

Sustainability Science
Head of Sustainability Science Unit Mika Horttanainen
Head of Degree Programme Risto Soukka