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Applied Mathematics and Statistics

One of the core research areas at the department of Computational and Process Engineering is applied mathematics and statistics. We have a worldwide unique concentration of expertise on uncertainty quantification and inverse problems. More specifically, our methodological research includes problem areas such as non-parametric or parametric statistical inverse problems, hierarchical models, MCMC, optimization, stochastic (partial) differential equations and chaotic systems. We drive towards interdisciplinary science: we collaborate with large-scale interdisciplinary research infrastructures (satellite missions, European Southern Observatory, European Incoherent Scatter Radar EISCAT3D), research institutes and several industrial and financial companies. Our team is part of the Centre of Excellence in Inverse Modelling and Imaging granted by the Academy of Finland.

Research group on Uncertainty Quantification and Inverse Problems

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPRL)

LUT Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (CVPRL) educates computer vision and pattern recognition experts and develops computationally intelligent information processing methods. The goal is to engineer useful and significant value-added applications, especially using digital image processing and analysis. For example, our research is focuses on machine vision systems for process industry, and medical image analysis for the efficient healthcare of eye diseases.

Our main objective is to carry out high quality research on computer/machine vision and modelling, machine learning, and pattern recognition. The laboratory also serves industry as an expert organization, performs applied research and educates experts in its research fields. In the education, LUT CVPRL offers the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition major subject in the Degree Program in Computational Engineering (bachelor, master and doctoral studies).

Our research interests include visual inspection, computer/machine vision, medical image analysis and colour science, focusing on object detection and recognition, industrial machine vision, retinal image analysis, spectral image analysis. LUT CVPRL has been selected several times as an LUT Center of Excellence in Research and is associated with Academy of Finland's Center of Excellence in Research in Inverse Mathematics.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory

Chemical Process Systems Engineering & Digitalization in chemical engineering

Our topics are related to larger scale studies in process industries and related environments, and not to unit operations or specific operation of equipment. Essential in our topics is application of computational methods which are used in relation to research. We can also solve problems, which require process analytics, design improvements, and process simulations to study process operations. Biorefinery research and education are particularly focused on the development of products achieved through biorefining separation and purification, either as a finished product or for further processing.

We are responsible of specialization studies on LUT's Chemical and Process Engineering M.Sc. programme, and provide the content and main part of those courses. In addition, other courses are provided on B.Sc., M.Sc., and D.Sc. level for Computational Engineering as well as other School units of LUT.

CPSE and PI image

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Chemical Process Systems Engineering & Process Intensification (CPSE&PI)

Professor Tuomas Koiranen, D.Sc. (Tech)
Tel. +358 50 435 7414

Digitalization in chemical engineering

Professor Satu-Pia Reinikainen, D.Sc. (Tech)
Tel. +358 40 353 9039

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Professor Lasse Lensu
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