Instructions for authors: full text template

Dear authors,

1. Here are the people who will review our contributions and therefore shape the conference program. The basic idea of the reviewing is to evaluate each paper from scientific and practical perspective. Thus, the scientific reviewers are the people who are experienced in writing good scientific publications. Mostly they are also known TRIZ researchers. At the same time we invited certain share of reviewers from outside of our community to ensure the fresh view and discussion and at the same time to spread the message of TRIZ to others.

Scientific committee (invited, most accepted)

Leonid Chechurin, Chair Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Gaetano Cascini, co-Chair Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Pavel Livotov Offenburg Univeristy, Germany
Denis Cavallucci University of Strasbourg, France
Tom Vaneker University of Twnete, Holland
Sebastian Koziolek Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Karl Koltze Hochschule Niederrhein, Germany
Joost Duflou University of Leuven, Belgium
Andrzej Kraslawski Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Mika Lohtander Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Dante Dorantes MEF University, Turkey
Mikael Collan Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Мikhail Kaliteevski Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Russia
Julian Vincent Bath University (emeritus), UK
Andrei Seryi Oxford and John Adams Institute, UK
Guozhu Mao Technical University of Tianjin, China
Sungjoo Lee Ajou University, South Korea
Runhua Tan Technical University of Hebei, China

Practitioner's committee (invited, most accepted)

Dobrusskin Christoph Phillips, Holland
Valeri Souchkov, Holland
Thomas Nagel, Germany
Oleg Feygenson Samsung Electronics, S.Korea
Alex Kashkarov Algorithm Co., Russia
Oleg Abramov Algorithm Co., Russia
Ido Lapidot Effective Innovation, Israel
Dmitriy Bakhturin RosAtom, ,Russia
Oliver Mayer GE, Germany
Ekku Rytkönen KoneCranes, Finland
Jarno Poskela Innotiimi, Finland
Jorma Manninen ABB, Finland
Olli Kuismanen Tamturbo, Finland
Min-Gyu Lee Q&M Co, S.Korea
Martha Gardner GE, USA
Alex Pinyaev Proter&Gamble, USA
Robert Adunka TRIZ Consulting group, Germany

The list is subject to changes and corrections until the reviewing begins.

2. We are sure you are all waiting for the full text template to put your text into the required format. Here it comes!

Easyguide (word document)

We basically use Springer platform for the full papers. The templates which you can use to write your article(s) are integrated in our manuscript guidelines on
Please use the "Manuscript Guidelines for English Books". On page 2 of the guidelines you will find templates for both Word and TeX. As for Word, you will need to download the zip-package, open the PDF-manual and start using the DOT-template for your text. Be aware that you need to enable macros in your Word before it digests the external template.
Important notes:

• The fact that we collect the papers in Springer format does not mean that your contribution will published in Springer book (or McMillan book) automatically. As it was announced in the Call for Papers, only selected papers will be given the invitation to develop into the chapter. The papers that do not make it will be distributed as just the conference proceedings, although in Springer template.

• There are editor specific recommendations in the manual, like Creating a Table of Contents or Index for the Complete Book. Simply ignore them.

• We are pioneering the template and the publishing of the selected papers in the Springer and MacMillan books. Please, understand our difficulties, cooperate and be patient to our mistakes.

3. We will use EasyChair conference management system for paper collecting and reviewing. The link to upload your full text paper or to do the reviewer's job is