CEPHEI is the name of a star… and a project

The universities face two challenges that are big opportunities at the same time. One is the digitalization and communication paradigm. The students are digital natives and use technologies all the time while most universities practice the traditional pattern of teaching. In response to their needs, universities need to adapt learning to Millennials. Another challenge is the necessity to link the education with the practice, integrate the reality of professional innovation activities to the context of education according to the demand of industry. Thus, the best university of tomorrow is one that is able to orchestrate the wide diversity in the supply of teaching materials, project-based learning in international multidisciplinary teams and real needs of industry and society. CEPHEI (Erasmus+) project aims to increase the digitalization, internationalization and visibility of Industrial Innovation Education in the world scope with blended learning approaches both in Partner country universities and EU.

The goal is achieved by:
1. Benchmarking, coordination and synchronization of the requirements and contents of Industrial Innovation. Standardization of its e-learning elements.
2. Turning at least 50% (60 ECTS) (or equivalent in partner universities) of Industrial Innovation education into the blended form
3. Building up the blending Labs (B-Labs) at partner universities, knowledge and technology transfer
4. Launch of the consortium platform for Open education in Industrial Innovation that connects teachers, students and industry/business (at least 100 industrial and business partners).

There are  partners from 6 countries and 9 universities.   (LUT, UoT, KTH, MEF, SPbPU, TUSUR, GUBKIN, TJU from  FI, NL, SE, TR, RU and CN). The project will result in the new model for cooperation between academia and enterprise in the field of Industrial Innovation through blended learning realised through the formed standards of blended learning education for Industrial Innovation with the experts in the field. We work on the open e-learning platform which allow to deliver blended and online course in the field for consortium universities and industry.

Currently, we are open for partners in LUT. We can work together on course digitalisation and re-design within the Industrial Innovation field or related topic. In addition, we discuss standartisation and quality control of these types of courses, selecting space for them and delivery of online or blended courses externally. Please feel free to contact us.

Website: www.cephei.eu

Contact us

Project Coordinator
Professor Leonid Chechurin
+358 50 4419193

Project Manager
Junior Researcher Iuliia Shnai
+358 50 4111424

Administrative Manager
Anni Liikanen
+358 50 3223253