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Created 30.5.2023
Updated 30.5.2023

LUT University and EU MSCA doctoral students in the photo (Summer event on May).

New EU doctoral students started their research on spring 2023. 

DC1 Integrated power converter and electric machine with segregated coils for high power systems, Saeid Deliri

DC2 Axially laminated solid synchronous reluctance rotor, Arash Allahyari

DC3 Investigation of novel manufacturing technologies for high-speed SynRM, Fedor Levchenko

DC4 Advanced cooling designs for highly integrated drive systems with high power densities, Erling Gjeset

DC6 System optimization of using SiC inverter technologies for high-speed drive systems, Tadele Yirisaw

DC9 Development of process chains for functional integration and performance improvement of in-wheel-motor components, Francesco Rasetti