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Campuses and directions


Lappeenranta campus 

Yliopistonkatu 34, Lappeenranta, Finland

Postal address
P.O.Box 20
FI-53851 Lappeenranta, Finland

Tel. +358 29 446 2111

Instructions for visitors


Lahti Campus

Mukkulankatu 19
FI-15210 Lahti, Finland

Tel. +358 294 462 111

Instructions for visitors

Regional units


Mikkeli regional unit

Lönnrotinkatu 7 and Sammonkatu 12
50100 Mikkeli


Kouvola regional unit

Kauppalankatu 13
45100 Kouvola 

LUT University Lappeenranta campus logo at night

Campuses and regional units

LUT University operates on two campuses: in Lappeenranta and Lahti. In addition, the university has regional units in Mikkeli and Kouvola.

Billing information


Business ID:

VAT no.

Invoicing address:
LUT University
P.O.box 836
FI-00074 CGI

We primarily accept e-invoices:
EDI identifier: 003702459042
E-invoicing operator: CGI
Operator code: 003703575029

E-mail invoices will be delivered to:
FI: ostolaskut.fi@cgi.com
EN: purchaseinvoices.fi@cgi.com

E-mail invoices must include a visible P.O.box address and the name of the university.
The invoice must contain the name of the subscriber and the cost center or project number.

More information controller Sirpa Karhu, email: sirpa.karhu@lut.fi

Bank account
IBAN FI3950000120255954

OP Corporate Bank PLC
P.O. Box 308
FI-00013 OP


More info

Using LUTGuest Wifi network

LUTGuest Wifi is provided for temporary visitors at LUT University site.

  1. Choose "LUTGuest" wireless Wifi network with your device and try to connect to it.
  2. After that your device should automatically open LUTGuest registration page with your default web browser.
  3. At registration page you should give your mobile phone number and select your country code.
  4. After you gave your mobile number and accepted terms of usage, registration page change to Sign In page and now you have to wait till you get your password SMS to your mobile phone.
  5. You should get SMS which contains your username and password.
  6. Give username and password to sign in to LUTGuest wifi network.


The whistleblowing channel is based on the Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Infringements of European Union and National Law (Whistleblower Protection Act). anyone who, in the course of their work or other duty, becomes aware of or discovers an abuse within the meaning of the Act in the activities of LUT University, may report the abuse through the whistleblowing channel. By doing so the whistleblower obtains whistleblower protection if meeting the conditions of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Whistleblowing channel