Xplorer is a network which promotes sustainable mineral recycling. We promote mining which doesn’t produce waste and isn’t harmful to the environment. Metals will continue to be needed in the future, as we aim for a carbon-free world.

The importance of the mining industry is emphasized, and at the same time digitalization and automation are fundamentally changing the work of the mining industry. We are facing a new era, and that is why our network is called an Xplorer.

The Xplorer network connects the future change makers 

Current members of the Xplorer network are LUT University, University of Oulu, University of Eastern Finland, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Lapland University of Applied Sciences. All organizations that want to promote circular economy in mining are welcome to join the Xplorer network.

Sami Virolainen, the Head of the Department of Separation Science and Jaana Ryynänen coordinate the Xplorer network at LUT University.

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Xplorer connects experts specialized in research and training across the mining and metallurgical industry. Xplorer promotes a multidisciplinary dialogue about the mining sector, essential for the energy transition.
Sami Virolainen
Xplorer Director