Aiming at sustainability, greater protection, wellbeing and safety and self-sufficiency

Sustainability through materials (bio-based), manufacturing (recycling of end-of-life masks) and reuse services (reuse of masks and raw materials), reducing waste by 0.7-1 Billion masks/year (4000 tons/year).

Greater protection through technology advancement of masks with antimicrobial properties.

Wellbeing and safety through development and design of better mask materials, mask users feel more comfortable and work/act more safely.

Self-sufficiency through sourcing and manufacturing of raw materials, nonwovens and masks locally to meet 10-20 % of the European facemask demand.

Measurable key objectives

  • Bio-based 75-100 %
  • Material properties including coating to perform similar to current products.
  • Antimicrobial properties to eliminate Coronaviruses and bacteria > 99,9%
  • Biobased material properties and antiviral solution accepted by 30 % market
  • Target market size remains ± 10 % of 2 billion €. Product unit price ±- 10% of market demand
  • Reduce waste by between 2000 -4000 ton/y. Near to carbon neutrality