What is LUTStorming?

LUTStorming is a growing community of young LUT researchers (PhD students, early-stage postdocs) across the entire LUT. It is a community to network with, learn from each other, self-develop skills and join forces for new ideas, projects and academic studies.

It is not about individuals, it is about us.

In the pursuit of knowledge, we are not merely constructing an institution; we are crafting a dynamic and vibrant academic community. It is a community that thrives on trust, embraces open-mindedness, and celebrates creativity. Together, we have the power to shape the future of education and research.

How can we achieve this?

  1. Foster Trust: Trust is nurtured through transparent communication, honesty, and reliability. We must cultivate an environment where trust is the default, not the exception.

  2. Champion Open-Mindedness: Encourage open dialogue and a respectful exchange of ideas. Embrace diverse perspectives and actively seek to understand them.

  3. Nurture Creativity and Outside-the-Box Thinking: Create spaces for creativity to thrive. Encourage experimentation, cross-disciplinary thinking over all LUT Schools, and a fearless pursuit of innovative solutions.

  4. Inclusivity: Ensure that everyone has a seat at the table, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs. True creativity and innovation are born from a diverse and inclusive LUT community.

  5. Celebrate Success: Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, big and small, of your academic community. Encourage each other to strive for greatness.

Our mission is to bring all LUT researchers together for joint activities and thus benefit from our multi disciplinary community across all faculties (LBS, LES and LENS). We implement different type of activities starting from get-togethers to company challenge workshops - from this page you can find our recent activities.


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