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  • The submission deadline for Initial Proposals/Extended Abstracts in the form of the anonymized PDF file of a maximum of 800 words (+ reference list) that will be the subject for a double-blind review is MAY 21ST.


  • You can then update the accepted extended abstract to full papers, manuscripts, working papers, or a detailed research synopsis (6000 to 8000 words) until June 17th, 2024.


  • The submission deadline for the IE-Scholars’ doctoral colloquium is June 17th, 2024. The submission should be in the form of a synopsis of your doctoral research (up to 8,000 words; more instructions are in the ConfTool system)

Doctoral colloquium and methodology workshop dates: 14th - 15th of August 2024

Main conference dates: 15th - 17th of August 2024



The conference’s main theme is “International entrepreneurship in a world driven by digitalization and sustainability”. Early internationalizing firms, whether born globals or international new ventures, have been a research topic for several decades. Over the years, the extant research has covered several antecedents and factors, such as global mindset, previous experience, and unique resources and capabilities, leading to small companies' early internationalization. Technology and innovation in transportation and communication technologies have naturally enabled this increase in international involvement. While acknowledging this, we believe that several trends will shape the future of international entrepreneurs. New technological advancements, e.g., digitalization in different forms such as AI, blockchain, renewable energy transitions, and sustainability megatrends, can offer early internationalizing firms and international small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) new opportunities and ways to operate internationally and organize their operations in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

We invite papers covering all types of factors which can be linked to international entrepreneurship, but would especially invite papers that can be linked to the trends identified above currently shaping international entrepreneurship. 

Specifically, as it relates to digitalization and sustainability, we would be keen to receive papers with topics related (but not limited) to the following:

Theme 1. Sustainability and International Entrepreneurship

  • Environmental responsibility and ethical considerations in international entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship and its impact on sustainable development in global contexts
  • Sustainable supply chain management and the resilience of global value chains
  • Climate change adaptation strategies for international businesses

Theme 2. Digital Transition and International Entrepreneurship

  • Born digitals, and digitalization-enabled internationalization
  • Entry modes and channel strategies of digitalized early internationalizing firms
  • Market selection and segmentation strategies of digitalized firms
  • AI and Industry 4.0 created opportunities for international entrepreneurs

Theme 3. Methodological Developments in International Entrepreneurship

  • Best practices in teaching international entrepreneurship
  • Advancements in research methodologies for studying international entrepreneurship phenomena

Theme 4. Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and International Entrepreneurship

  • Ecosystemic perspectives in international entrepreneurship
  • Role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in firms’ internationalization
  • Cross-cultural perspectives and global business entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Role of regional development 

Theme 5. International Entrepreneurship in General

  • Decision-making in early internationalization, micro-foundations in international entrepreneurship
  • Corporate governance in early internationalizing firms
  • Policy implications and regulatory frameworks for fostering sustainable international entrepreneurship
  • Immigrant, transnational, refugee and indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Development and evolution of sustainable global value chains and how small internationalizing firms can thrive in this new operating environment
  • Factors affecting global scaling and its success in the context of international entrepreneurship, agility, resilience, and performance

We will cooperate with selected journals for some of the topics mentioned above, aiming for special issues. We aim to run special sessions in entrepreneurial ecosystems, sustainability, entry modes and market selection of digitalized early internationalizing firms. Committed journals thus far are Critical Perspectives on International Business and Journal of International Entrepreneurship.